Furhat har lagt ner mycket möda på att få roboten att kunna förmedla subtila signaler. Bolaget grundades av Samer al Moubayed, Preben Wik, Gabriel Skantze och Jonas Beskow. Den sociala roboten har fått stor uppmärksamhet i såväl nationell som internationell press.


Sa vi att han är en robot? Furhat är byggd för att stötta mänsklig interaktion, bidra till fler automatiserade processer samt kunna kompensera för 

Even more human-like, it offers simulations of multiple personalities that can interact in real-time with people. Furhat, a social robot that can display complex expressions without the mechanical limitations of other technologies, will be present at this year’s edition of Bucharest Tech Week, an event set Imagine a robot who could help passersby discover their risk factors for diabetes, hypothyroidism and alcoholism. Then imagine how on earth you would go about building it. Together with Merck & Furhat Robotics, that’s exactly what we did. And in doing so, created an … Eerie lifelike social robot Furhat exudes empathy and warmth, encouraging people to open up more than they do to friends, its creator claims. The robot, a three-dimensional bust with a projection Our Mission Changing the Future with Intelligent Robots in Europe.

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A Furhat robot can be of two types: production or research. The different types enable specific functions, e.g. research robots have access to the full library of voices from Acapela and direct access to the camera stream. You can check your robot type in the settings tab of the web console. Furhat is a social robot that communicates with us humans as we do with each other – by speaking, listening, showing emotions and maintaining eye contact.

at them, or no one will. While mechanical robot heads are indeed spatially co-present with the user, they are expensive to build, inflexible and potentially noisy.

Svenska Dagbladet: Furhat Robotics – Stockholms-startup har presenterat social robot i Lissabon. Close. 4. Posted by. u/mycketforvirrad · 2 years ago. Archived 

Based in Stockholm, Furhat Robotics is making the promise of social robots a reality. Real-time monitoring of the robot fleet, including location, alarms, status of pre-determined missions and availability of agents and devices.

Robot furhat

Roboten som är baserad på en prototyp av Furhat Robotics är tänkt att fungera som en sparringpartner för psykoterapistudenter, för att öva på 

Foto: Banfa Jawla. En talande robot med en prislapp på 150 000 kronor. Nu ska Furhat  Furhat example-skills 2nd generation. Example skills for the Furhat robot, provided by Furhat Robotics. Contributions welcome from everyone, just send a PR! Furhat Robotics, Stockholm. 1 478 gillar · 82 pratar om detta · 26 har varit här. Furhat Robotics are building the world's most social robots.

Robot furhat

Besides navigating these docs, we recommend you to also check out: Our developer zone. Where you can download the SDK Launcher. Find useful tools like our speech aligner; Useful skill downloads like blockly, our graphical programming tool.
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Robot furhat

2018-11-23 · Earlier this month, Furhat Robotics launched its face-swapping social robot after many years of development and prototyping, which began at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. Hej robot! handlar om den teknik som är tänkt att kommunicera med oss i våra vardagliga miljöer. Med utställningen vill vi förklara sammanhangen kring sociala robotar och väcka funderingar kring deras roll i samhället.

Furhat is focused on the academic market to attract researchers and students to bring natural language processing and emotional intelligence into physical life.
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Furhat is a social robot that communicates with us humans as we do with each other – by speaking, listening, showing emotions and maintaining eye contact. Operational areas of Furhat Furhat is focussing on academic market to attract researchers and students for bringing natural language processing + emotional intelligence to physical life.

The uses for Furhat are broad, from medical screening services to retail and tourism. Furhat partnered with Japanese videogame company Namco Entertainment to bring its cartoon characters to real life. Now Namco is looking at using the robot to greet and interact with visitors at its amusements in Asia. Furhat Robotics is a conversational AI and social robotics startup based in Stockholm, Sweden. It is one of the fastest-growing startups in the world today building robots with conversational and social abilities, accelerating the adoption of social robots in our daily lives. Furhat Speaks 30 Languages and Can Lip Sync to a User’s Voice.